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>Love your pets? Make sure they stay healthy

>I love my pets, they are more like family and kids then pets. And I want to make sure that they are healthy as I am sure that you do too. So take a look at petmeds and some of the great offers they are offering right now.

I love the idea of saving money however I can so if someone has a sale going on and I need something that is the best time to grab it and especially with shipping and such. I love buying things on the net, its just much easier for me to go to pages and look around, add to my cart and click the order button rather then getting out and going to the store and seeing that they are out of what I need and getting frustrated about the time spent getting out and also when I go to the stores, It seems that I always end up spending more then intended and getting things that I could of waited on and got them on sale.

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>My first child soon to be 18


I can’t believe that on the 31st my first son/child is going to be turning 18!!! Man how time gets away from you and flies by and I swear it only seems to go by faster the older that you get.
My son is a great person, I love him with all my heart more then he will ever know. He has had some rough times in his life, who hasn’t really..but we have made it through them and he’s grown up to be a great young man and soon to be adult.
He doesn’t like me taking lots of pics of him but through out the years I have managed to snap a few of him here and there and I am going to be putting something together, nothing too fancy/great, I’m not that talented but something to where I have pictures of him through out the year…I just need to go through all my pictures and then scan them and come up with a way to get them together like I want them.
My baby is turning into a man…and yes I am sure I will be crying more then once that day!

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>Apparently griping to an SV works!!


Well we got the money situation fixed! I was going to call them again and ask to speak to a higher up manager instead of the sv figuring I wouldn’t get anywhere with her again…so I thought well I will call and check my balance and see if it will even go through this time since when they restricted it or whatever it wouldn’t even take my card number to check the balance..I called and checked it about 2:45 or so today and it was on there! My goodness though they were a pain in the butt and I had to rush around and go out and do all the errands and then come home and take my oldest son to gamestop to get his xbox 360 and then rush back home in time for my orientation which started late! But at least everything is up to speed now and its done. I think that me telling them that I have been with them for 7+ years and they were going to lose me hit a nerve!! Because someone somewhere got the message and got off their butts and actually did there job!!!

I was proud of myself though for keeping my cool even though I wanted to holler I didn’t..I know what its like being on the other end as a customer service rep so I kept my cool but I tell you what..I am debating on keeping my other money going there still or not..debating on just putting it somewhere else  and my new job money won’t be going there that’s for sure!!

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>Dollar General is a great place to work!


Well at least when hubby called Dollar General’s payroll department he actually got somewhere! He called and got through and actually talked to a lady that said that as soon as she gets the notice that it was sent back to them that she would call the manager at his store and authorize her to do a payout from the store’s money…thank goodness! Although that might not be until Monday/Tuesday but at least we know about when we will get it and how!! Good grief what a pain in the freaking neck!
I am so thankful that she was nice to him and told him that..ugh! I can’t imagine having to go until next Friday without money since were so use to getting paid every week good grief what a freaking day/week!!

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