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Setting up your workstation space

If your serious about working at home, then do it. I am living proof that you can work from home and no I don’t do the stuffed envelopes and all those “programs” out there that seem to just want you money, I am a customer service specialist that really enjoying working at home and helping others.

In your workstation area, first make sure its a quiet place in your home, whether it in your bedroom, den/office area or wherever you feel most comfortable working at. For me, for now until we get moved into a bigger/better home, I have my workstation  area set up in a corner of my bedroom, its an L shaped corner. I have my desk with computer and things on it and a table where I can grab my papers and files and such if needed and a stackable thing to put things in. And one of the most important things, my all in one printer/scanner/fax, that is one of the most important things as you will be using it even if its just to scan a few things on the computer to send back to your employer.

This is real, its a day to day lifestyle for me and has been for the past 10 years! I have a business line I use for my clients to call in on and I have a landline as a personal number and also as a backup in case my business line (vonage) goes down or whatever then I have my landline to transfer the calls too and its not that difficult to do.

Make sure your printer has printer of ink, you will be filling out applications and sending them back in sometimes when the employer wants a hard copy of your signature etc and if you need to fax something in etc you want to always make sure that you have ink and paper stocked.

It’s not just a dream, its reality for me staying home, spending time with my kids and making money.

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