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Starting classes next week for my new job

on 03/26/2011

So last night I had my orientation for my new job that will be starting pretty soon. We got off to a rough start with technical difficulties with the instructor having issues but everything was worked out and we got into the room finally and got things gone through that we needed too.

My class starts on Monday the 28th and will last 11 days Mon-Fri only. I picked the evening class since I am not a huge morning person!

I am excited about starting the classes and getting into it and learning everything I can about the client that I will be taking the incoming calls for. I am also excited because I learned that I can also get certified (take classes and pass) for other clients at the same time that I am working so that will be a great thing 🙂

And one of the best things I believe about all this..this is a short class being only 11 days but also a great thing is that we can go for overtime anytime we want. The minimum hours is 35-40 hours a week but we are allowed to work overtime if we like.


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